Online Review Management Software

Review management software boosts reputation, raises local SEO ranking, and help monitor and manage your online profiles.

Online Review Management Software

Online reviews spread faster than old school word of mouth reviews. Like word of mouth advertising, one negative review can negate as many as ten to twenty good reviews. Online review management software allows you to respond to both positive and negative reviews in a convenient and timely form. Quickly responding to a negative review can often change the opinion of the customer and frequently encourages them to revise their review. 
Responding quickly to reviews will often increase customers’ impressions of your business. A reply of “Thanks for your comments” to a positive review can further raise your esteem. Responding to a negative review with a question about how to improve or a statement expressing your concern for the customer will also increase your reputation.



Review Management Tools

There are a variety of review management tools available to small and large business owners. Some of these tools are found on one kind of software but not on another. Be sure to compare carefully and consider your needs.  You will need to make sure that the software you select has the features and tools you want.


Today’s public relations department might buy one guy and one laptop, constantly monitoring reviews and recommendations on social media; or it might be a team of marketing experts doing the same as that one guy but on a larger scale. Regardless of the size of your business and its PR department, Online Reputation Monitoring And Management Software can make it easier for that one guy or that team of experts to keep stellar the reputation of your business.

Review Monitoring Software

Like review management software, monitoring software has the primary function of keeping a healthy business reputation. Monitoring software should have a feature called sentiment analysis that analyzes reviews to determine the mood or sentiment of the reviewer. If your software does not include this feature, you are missing out on one way to help maintain your good reputation.
Another important feature to look for in review monitoring software is a unified inbox. A single inbox to collect all reviews makes it much easier to respond to each reviewer.

Our Review Management Software Services

Our agents are knowledgeable and well versed in the variety of review management software services available to businesses. We can explain the features and benefits of various services. Contact one of our representatives so we can help you determine the right review management software for your business needs. 

Social Media Management Software Reviews

while we can provide the online review management service, we can also suggest the best online review management software for your business if you want to manage that for yourself. 

Reputation Management Software

Your online reviews impact your online reputation. You can manage your online reputation by using online review management that makes it easy for you to respond to reviewers.

Question & Answers

Question: Do Google Reviews help with rankings?

Ans: Yes, the more reviews, the higher the ranking. Contact us for more information about managing your google reviews.

Question: Will my business really benefit from review management?

Ans: Yes, without a doubt, managing your reviews will increase your ranking and improve your reputation.

Question: How do I increase the number of reviews?

Ans: You can increase the number of reviews by asking for them, by Improving Your Local Listing, and by using a good review management platform.